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Guest Comments

When the lights go down...

"Stay" is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary.

Amos Bronson Alcott

The Woodworth House

Our Guests' Comments

This was absolutely wonderful - it has to be a taste of heaven to come.
M. & D. B.
Elegant breakfast - Thanks for having us.
D. B.
What a wonderful home and hospitality. You have done an amazing job with decorating.
E. & C. C.
"Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!" Thank you so much, Fran. We'll be back. We love what you've done; you're a great hostess!
G. & J. N.
Such a wonderful time. You are a gracious hostess and I felt like a queen. Your home is so beautiful and such a statement. A memorable place to bring in the New Year.
T. B.
After all my years driving by and dreaming I finally had a chance to stay here in this lovely "painted lady". Fran, you've given her a full life again - great job, great food & fine hospitality. We enjoyed. Thanks.
L.W. & R.C.
We enjoyed the town and conversations. The house is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.
R. & D. K.
The house is magnificent. Staff is just wonderful. Hospitality can't be beat.
G. & B. B.
A beautiful home plus a wonderful hostess--a great updated home for little Cohocton.
K. F.
What a wonderful restoration you have done in my "home town".
P. L.
Beautiful, beautiful home!! Made us feel like home!
J.M. & D.J.
Thrilled that you have restored this home. Everything was GREAT! Excellent food, conversations and hostess!!!
We had a fantabulous experience. The hospitality was out of this world - another time - We love you, Fran!!!
Thank you very much for the delightful time at my birthday celebration Wednesday evening. The food was superb and was served in such a lovely setting. You are a most gracious hostess, making all of us feel so welcome and "at home". How fortunate this area is to have the Woodworth House restored into a beautiful bed & breakfast, with excellent dining besides. With much appreciation for all your hard work and effort to make this all possible, we do thank you.
V. & L. S.

Raging Bull
(1978; Martin Scorsese, director)

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Robert DeNiro's performance in this movie seems to go beyond performance: he sinks so deeply into the role of Jake LaMotta that you almost forget he's DeNiro. It's not a likable performance, and it's not an especially likable film (the fight sequences still make me wince), but it is perhaps the high point of his career.

Favorite Movie

"Stay," is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary. . . amos Bronson Alcott